BiblioMit is a management tool and connection portal between the mussel farming industry, academia, research and technology centers and institutes that have an essential role in the development of Applied Sciences for the Mussel Farming world

BiblioMit Consists of:

  • A forum for connection and exchange of ideas between stakeholders
  • A search engine for multiple sources of scientific literature for the mussel farming industry at a national level (downloadable in digital format), including:
    • List of stakeholders and their contact details
    • Search engine of nationally published academical thesis
    • Search engine of scientific literature powered by Google Scholar
    • Search engine of nationally published research and development projects cathegorized by funding
    • Search engine of national grants and funding sources for research and development
  • A collection of georeferenced data, including:
    • Oceanografic data such as Ocean Surface Temperature (OST), Ocean Acidification, Oxigen content, Salinity, histological findings and concentrations, and much more
    • Map of all research centers that have worked in mussel research
    • Map of all mussel farms, contacts and oceanografic data (paid service)
  • Histopathological Database:
    • Catalogue of histopathological findings that affect the species Mytilus chilensis
    • Histopathological database of catalogued findings georeferenced (paid service)
  • Digest:
    • Biyearly digest report of production and oceanografic statistics